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fairy_lore's Journal

Fairy Folklore and Research
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The purpose of this community is to discuss fairy folklore and folk belief from the standpoint of serious scholarship -- i.e. based on actual solid, scholarly works on mythology and folklore.

It is not focussed on fantasy fiction or movies, role-playing games, or other pop culture representations of fairies; artists such as Brian Froud or Amy Brown; nor on otherkin identity or other subjective spiritual experiences, and those subjects shall be considered off-topic unless you specifically relate them to the focus of the community -- i.e. actual traditional fairy beliefs as documented in folkloric research. It is also not a place for posting fairy artwork or poetry, cute fairy LJ icons, Photoshopped images of kittens with wings, or ads for fairy-esque goth clothing auctions on eBay.

That does not mean that the moderator or other members are necessarily hostile towards or disapprove of those topics. It just means they aren't what this community is about. As of the founding of this community, an interest search for "fairies" on LJ brings up over 400 communities, most of which focussed on the various topics outlined in the preceding paragraph. Not one of them is focussed on actual fairy folklore and mythology. This community is intended to fill that gap, so please respect its purpose and keep other types of fairy-related topics to the communities that focus on those.

Also, please be aware that the dominant pop-culture image of fairies as cute, ethereal, glittery, butterfly-winged creatures flitting around gardens is rooted more in Victorian romanticism than in any sort of authentic tradition. If your image of fairies is predominantly one that is sweet, cute and fluffy, then again, this community is not for you.

If you do choose to discuss subjective spiritual experiences of any sort with reference to traditional fairy lore, please keep in mind the difference between subjective and objective realities, and familiarize yourself with the concept of UPG -- unsubstantiated personal gnosis (Google it if you aren't sure of the meaning) -- and the fact that yours, no matter how compelling to you, does not constitute a solid source of data. Arguments such as "Well, I know that Fairy Being X isn't really like the books say it is, because I've met one in the Otherworld/am the reincarnation of one/have a family of them living in my garden" are not going to convince anyone and are likely to get you removed from the community.

Request to join the community must be approved by the moderator, misslynx (other moderators may be added in time). When you ask to join the community, please e-mail the moderator at lynx at wildideas dot net (if you can't figure out how to translate that into a real e-mail address, this community is probably not for you) and let me know what your interest in this topic is and why you want to join this community. Request to join that are not accompanied by an e-mail will be ignored.